Picture: Beautiful Face

This model, besides having big beautiful eyes and sexy lips, has a fair skin. But for the sake of modeling, it needs work. I Photoshopped it a bit and smoothed the skin somewhat. I tried to make sure that the softening doesn’t touch the eyes and the lips. This helped the eyes and the lips to be more noticeable as well as being sharp. I added some color to the eyes also.  It needs more work, specifically around the mouth and the jaw.




2 responses to “Picture: Beautiful Face

  • Darlene

    I like the before better than the after photo. The after looks unnatural and it’s also obvious that it has been photoshoped.

    Photoshop is amazing when you can generate pictures that people can’t tell if you edited it or not.

    What do you think?

    • saidkhorram

      Hi Darlene, and thanks for the comment.

      A lot of people don’t like to photoshop any photos, prefering to have the images “as-is”…assuming that the photo in the camera is a “replica” of what the eye sees, i.e., the colors are correct, the depth of focus is the same, etc.

      I’m not in that camp, I prefer to use Photoshop on nearly all of my photos.

      With that said, yes, you are right, the photo does look unnatural, but I do like it like that. To me, she looks more magical, almost like an angel, with her eyes and lips standing out and grabbing the viewer’s attention immediately.


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