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An Empty Paradise

Well, if it is a paradise, then why is it empty? There must definitely be something wrong! :o) Maybe there is a monster in the water!?!?! Kidding aside, I personally like to go to great places in the off-season. Go to a mountain resort or a popular beach on a weekday and not having to deal with all the crowd is in itself a blessing. But maybe that’s just me. Anyways, don’t know where this photo came from either and don’t know much about where this is, other than I would guess that it’s from China.




Feeling Love

Not sure where this photo comes from. The site that I found it on, doesn’t link back to the artist’s page. Anyways, have you ever been in love and you got the butterflies in your stomach and want to go out and dance in the rain? I know what this artist is trying to accomplish by giving this photo a vintage/worn-out/dark feel, but I think that he didn’t accomplish it fully. It could have been done better. And also, this photo, the way it is right now, begs to be in black and white. Not only I have made it into B&W, I have made sure that there is a certain light or glow around her, inside the heart.



A Frog Resting

Have you ever seen a frog rest this way?  Neither have I.  Looks like he has filled his stomach to the brim, ha?  How cool is this photo?



Dark Shadows Watching Over Town

I don’t know much about this photograph either, I found it on some site that had many photos and it seemed like he had taken each photo from a different site without referencing the original site.  Anyhow, it seems like a Bolivian village to me and it’s safe to say that it must be winter there.  I felt that the photo must be changed to B&W and further, it would be cool to manipulate it so that the people in the foreground are silhouettes.




Well, this rattlesnake sure knows how to cool off, or is it that he is trying to blend in?  But the most burning question is…what do color blind people see?  OK, maybe it’s not a burning question at all, but let’s find out.  :o)



River of Flowers

I have zero information about this photo and so am not sure where this wonderful place is, but wow, what a place! It’s breathtakingly fantastic and I could easily feel myself there.



Red Bubbles

For me, it’s really hard to “optimize” red colors, because it is very easy to do it too much and before you know it, your eyes are used to the optimized red, and it looks good to you, but it looks too red to others.  Well, this is one of those pics.  The red might be a bit strong to some, but I think that the strong red brings out an edge to this picture.  I have also done a bit of sharpening to make the bubbles more distinctive.  Found the picture here and below you will find the before and after pictures.



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