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Grand Canyon Storm

I recently went to Grand Canyon for the very first time.  It was the first time that I saw nature’s beauty at a “grand” scale, and I am not talking about only the Grand Canyon, but also the winter weather that puts on a spectacular show in the desert.  The sky becomes heavy with clouds, shaped into beautiful formations, the clouds get painted by the setting sun into beautiful works of art, extremely colorful and unique, a delight for the spectators.  Below is a photograph that I just saw on the internet.  It captures a little bit of what I have tried to describe above.  The after-photo tries to do justice to what I saw in Grand Canyon myself.




An Empty Paradise

Well, if it is a paradise, then why is it empty? There must definitely be something wrong! :o) Maybe there is a monster in the water!?!?! Kidding aside, I personally like to go to great places in the off-season. Go to a mountain resort or a popular beach on a weekday and not having to deal with all the crowd is in itself a blessing. But maybe that’s just me. Anyways, don’t know where this photo came from either and don’t know much about where this is, other than I would guess that it’s from China.



A Frog Resting

Have you ever seen a frog rest this way?  Neither have I.  Looks like he has filled his stomach to the brim, ha?  How cool is this photo?



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